Strategic Planning and Reporting | Federal Student Aid

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Strategic Planning and Reporting

As a federally designated Performance-Based Organization, Federal Student Aid operates under a congressional mandate to achieve concrete results while improving performance. We continually strive to more effectively manage our programs and better serve our many customers. This is the motivating force behind our five strategic goals.:

  1. Provide superior service and information to students and borrowers.
  2. Work to ensure that all participants in the system of postsecondary education funding serve the interests of students, from policy to delivery.
  3. Develop efficient processes and effective capabilities that are among the best in the private and public sectors.
  4. Ensure program integrity and safeguard taxpayers' interests.
  5. Develop FSA's performance culture and become one of the best places to work in the federal government.

Taken collectively, these goals provide the framework for continuous improvement at Federal Student Aid, providing clear strategic direction to all of Federal Student Aid's internal and external constituencies.


Strategic Plans

Our Five-Year Plan is a statement of strategic direction providing long-term guidance, based on these core goals.

Performance Reports

The Annual Performance Report describes our annual tactical performance results, including the audited financial statements and our progress in meeting tactical goals.

Chief Operating Officer Performance Agreement

The annual performance agreement of the FSA Chief Operating Officer is published in compliance with its enabling legislation at 20 U.S. C. § 1018 (d) (4) (B).


As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability and to provide greater awareness of FSA’s key programs, initiatives and customer-focused outcomes, we have launched FSA FAST FACTS. The documents below serve as snapshot summaries of key organizational components, our programs and initiatives, and outcomes benefitting students and borrowers.