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College Scorecard

In February 2013, the Administration released the College Scorecard, a new planning tool to help students and their families make more educated decisions about college. 

Using the college scorecard, students and their families can look up the cost and assess the value of colleges.  Each scorecard highlights five key pieces of data about a college: costs, graduation rate, loan default rate, average amount borrowed, and employment.


Recortes automáticos

El 2 de agosto de 2011, el Congreso aprobó la Ley de Control de Presupuesto de 2011, que instauró recortes automáticos del presupuesto federal, conocidos como el "sequester". A continuación, presentamos un resumen del impacto de estos recortes presupuestarios sobre ciertos programas de


Financial Awareness Counseling Tool

Federal Student Aid's online, interactive loan counseling tool, the Financial Awareness Counseling Tool (FACT), helps students and families better manage their finances and understand their obligation as borrowers.

This online resource provides students with the basics of financial management and information about their federal student loan debt (and total student loan debt if they enter information about their private student loans).  The tool also estimates what their student loan debt is likely to be when they leave school and provides financial planning tips.


Disaster Assistance

If you are a student or a federal student loan borrower who has been impacted by a federally declared natural disaster, we can help answer your questions.

Federal Student Aid is committed to assisting students enrolled in college or career school and federal student loan borrowers who have been impacted by federally declared natural disasters. We strongly encourage impacted students to contact the financial aid office at their school and borrowers to contact their lender or loan servicer.

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