FAFSA Completion Numbers for High School Class of 2014 Published

Curious about how many students at your high school have filled out a FAFSA? The FAFSA Completion Tool provides high schools with current data about their FAFSA submissions and completions so schools can track their progress and help to ensure that their students complete a FAFSA. Data for the high school graduating class of 2014 is now available on the Tool.

Although the Tool is designed for school counselors and others who advise high school seniors about the FAFSA, anyone is welcome to look at the data.

Updated biweekly during the peak application period, the FAFSA Completion Tool provides every high school in the United States whose students have completed five or more FAFSAs with information about how many applications were submitted and completed for the 2014–15 application year as well as comparison data from the 2013–14 FAFSA application year.

For more information on the Tool and to search updated FAFSA Completion Data by High School for the senior class of 2014, visit StudentAid.gov/fafsa-hs-data.